NGK CERAMICS USA, INC. located in Mooresville, NC is a subsidiary of NGK INSULATORS, Ltd., one of the world’s leading ceramic technology companies with its headquarters in Nagoya, Japan.


Our honeycomb ceramics, HONEYCERAM®, is an indispensable part for automobile catalytic converters. It has been adopted by automakers throughout the world and is manufactured not only here in Mooresville, NC but also in Japan, Belgium, Poland, Indonesia, South Africa, Mexico and China. The HONEYCERAM® gets its name from the array of parallel channels that create the look of a honeycomb.


NGK CERAMICS USA, INC. was established in 1988 to provide our HONEYCERAM® products to the North American automobile industry. Over the years, the Mooresville location has taken on a much larger role providing HONEYCERAM® products to countries around the world. Today, NGK CERAMICS USA, INC. has established itself as a key component in the overall success of NGK INSULATORS, LTD.