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I appreciate the opportunity for being able to work for NGK for the past 20 years and thank them everything!

Load/Unload Operator // Employee Since 2004

When seeking new employment after a plant closure, I was sure it would be difficult to transition. I was wrong on many levels- from HR to the operators and all members, I was welcomed and appreciated by NGK. From my first day until now, I continue to learn and enjoy my coworkers. And I'm ever thankful to be hired by a secure company that is sure to be moving forward.

Production Tech I // Employee Since 2022

I have worked at NGK Ceramics USA for 30+ years. It is a great company to work for. The benefits and insurance are outstanding. NGK even has a program to promote good health while receiving a discount on your insurance. The environment is one in which we all work together as a team. It is a place that cares about its members and takes every occasion to demonstrate with service awards, employee recognition and appreciation. There are lots of opportunity for advancement in many departments. NGK is a great company to work for that manufactures products to protect the environment and promote clean air and member well-being.

Employee Community Relations Specialist // Employee Since 1990

I'm grateful for an opportunity to have a job at NGK Ceramics USA that allows my family to live comfortably without worrying about how to make ends meet. I really like the crew I work for because the people are nice, and we have very little drama. We always try to work together to get the job done in all areas. Our TL and Supervisor are very good about making sure we have everything to get our job done, and they genuinely care about how their employees are doing. Coming from previously working in retail, it is nice to have a for-the-most-part stress free job without all the negatives of a normal customer service position.

Load/Unload Operator // Employee Since 2019

NGK Ceramics USA has been a great company to work for! I have currently been employed for a little over two years and I really enjoy the benefits. Also having a clinic on site has been a plus. I enjoy my schedule. It offers a good life/work balance. The people are amazing and always willing to give you a helping hand and are very kind. Great atmosphere! I am glad to be a part of such a great team.

SSH Inspector II // Employee Since 2020

Our company is a great place to work. It's a clean plant filled with good people who care about what they are doing. It's a bonus that our products help clean the air, so we can all feel good about our mission.

Director of Administration // Employee Since 1992

When looking for a job it is important to make sure you enjoy it. There are many reasons someone may say they love their job. From fair pay and quality benefits to flexibility; my reason is more unconventional though. What makes me say, 'I love my job,' is the open-door policy. Working in an environment where you can freely share your ideas is a great feeling. When you feel like your employer hears and sees you, you feel valued. And sometimes feeling valued is more important than anything else a job could offer.

DPF Operator // Employee Since 2021

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