NGK USA President Comments On Double Milestone

NGK Ceramics USA, Inc. is located in Mooresville, North Carolina, and recently celebrated its 30th anniversary alongside parent company NGK Insulators, LTD.’s 100th anniversary.

As NGK Ceramics celebrates its 30th anniversary this fall, just months away Japanese parent company NGK Insulators, Ltd. will be celebrating its 100th anniversary. Since its founding in 1988, NGK Ceramics USA has expanded 15 times. The company is one of eight subsidiaries in the Ceramics Products Division that make ceramic substrates for catalytic converters, which clean the exhaust emissions of cars and trucks.


Thirty years ago NGK Insulators Ltd. selected North Carolina, USA, for a site because of the state’s location near other players in the same industry and the proximity to raw materials used in the product.


Speaking with The Japan Times, President Steve Dailey stated, “We chose this location because of its strategic fit with our operations. And as we celebrate our 30th year here, I can confirm that North Carolina has been essential to our success.” Mr. Dailey has been with the company from day one and has seen it grow from three to 900 employees.


Dailey mentioned his amazement at the growth and journey of NGK Ceramics USA, stating that “It took us two years before we finalized our process and started selling products. Now, we recently produced our 300 millionth substrate.”


North Carolina is a fruitful state known for its business-friendly environment, talented workforce, and good quality of life. Being nestled in a community with these qualities, NGK Ceramics USA attributes its success to the vote of confidence from its parent company, which is celebrating its notable 100th anniversary in 2019.


Steve Dailey is the first non-Japanese president in the ceramics division of NGK. “The trust that they gave me to run this facility is something that I’m grateful for,” Dailey said.


As the market for ceramic substrates continues to grow in consequence to stricter global emission standards, NGK Ceramics USA remains dedicated to developing better and better products.


“We are continually strengthening our people, products and systems as the industry evolves. We’re ready to leap into the future to continue our success story for the next 30 years.”


Growing in popularity in Europe and China is a new substrate called the gasoline particulate filter. It is expected to enter the U.S. market by 2025. NGK Ceramics USA seems to be the logical place to make this new product.

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