We establish objectives through our Environmental Health and Safety Management System and review them periodically to track progress. Our objectives are designed to:

  • Prevent injury and ill health
  • Protect the environment
  • Prevent pollution

We firmly believe that by genuinely caring for the well-being of others and the environment, we do our part in making the world better. With Corporate Social Responsibility at the helm, NGK Ceramics operates ethically to ensure the fair treatment of employees, customers, and the community. This integrity secures our spot as a sustainable company for generations to come.

Environmental Protection

NGK Ceramics is passionate about environmental protection for generations to enjoy. After all, it is the reason we exist. Our main product, HONEYCERAM®, has the sole purpose of neutralizing harmful emissions so they do not reach the atmosphere and pollute the air we breathe. NGK Ceramics proudly maintains our ISO 14001 Environmental and Management System certification, showing we have programs and processes in place to reduce our negative environmental impact. In 2021, the NGK Group Environmental Vision program was formed. It focuses on contributing to carbon neutrality, recycling, and working in harmony with the environment. Additional efforts to protect the environment include:

  • Developing eco-friendly products and technologies
  • Pursue reductions in industrial waste
  • Eliminate hazards

NGK Ceramics is continuously looking for new ways to support the environment and encouraging other businesses to do the same.

workplace safety at ngk

When you work at NGK Ceramics, you'll find a safe, comfortable, and rewarding workplace.

Workplace Safety

Here at NGK Ceramics, we value our employees and take pride in providing a safe, comfortable, and rewarding workplace. In 2021, we obtained and continue to maintain our ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System certification. This certification demonstrates that NGK Ceramics has received special training and takes all necessary precautions to reduce work-related incidences and illnesses. Through open communication with employees, feedback, and strict adherence to health and safety regulations, NGK Ceramics pledges to create the safest work environment possible by continuously looking for ways to improve protocols and keeping facilities properly maintained and updated.

Join Us in Our CSR Mission

Corporate Social Responsibility means giving more than we take and doing our part to have a positive effect on the environment and the people who are impacted by NGK Ceramics' products. We strive daily to keep our employees safe and reduce our carbon footprint. Innovations in technology allow us to develop safer and more efficient ways to manufacture our products and make the air we breathe cleaner. To continue achieving our goals, we are always looking for passionate people to join our team. Apply to join the NGK Ceramics team and become an integral part of making the world a better place for all of us to live.