NGK Ceramics USA operates with our core values in mind for both our customers and our NGK Ceramics employees. Our core values can be described as follows:

  • Safety – We provide products that make the air we breathe cleaner by neutralizing harmful emissions. NGK Ceramics also takes every precaution to ensure a safe work environment for our employees.
  • Respect – We strongly believe everyone deserves the utmost respect regardless of background, race, sex, ethnicity, religion, etc., and behave in accordance.
  • Integrity – NGK Ceramics is dedicated to operating with the highest integrity in every aspect of the manufacturing and selling process.
  • Teamwork – Every role at NGK Ceramics is crucial, and we must work together as a team to succeed.
  • Being proactive – NGK Ceramics is continuously looking for ways to improve our products for those we serve. We are also dedicated to implementing ways that our workplace culture can be better for all employees.
  • Engagement – We understand the importance of community and are dedicated to engaging with and giving back to our community in every way we can.

NGK Ceramics' six core values allow us to provide the best possible products to our consumers. They also give us the ability to provide our employees with excellent work conditions that promote high productivity and morale. We pride ourselves on being an equal-opportunity employer with opportunities for growth.

Dedicated to Being a Highly Sought-After Company to Work With and Work For

We take our mission and core values very seriously at NGK Ceramics. It is our driving force to ensure the products we manufacture are of the highest quality and ethically produced by using technology that promotes a healthier environment. Just as important as providing top-quality products is creating a safe and attractive work environment for employees. Our mission and core values also apply to the workspace as we strive to provide a culture in which our employees can succeed and grow. Ready to join us? Apply to join our team today!